Grafenau, 12.06.2022
SPORTSHOP.CLOUD appoints Andreas Rudolf and Siegfried Paßreiter, two industry professionals with experience in medium-sized businesses, to the advisory board, as well as Marc Aichele as managing director for operations and sales.

From July 1, 2022, additional support will be provided by two long-standing industry giants with a great passion for medium-sized retail and industry at SPORTSHOP.CLOUD in Grafenau.


SPORTSHOP.CLOUD founder Andreas Schmid appointed former SPORT 2000 Germany Managing Director Andreas Rudolf and former Managing Director of Fischer Deutschland GmbH, Siegfried Paßreiter, to the company's Advisory Board. Two long-time companions with a lot of heart and soul for the entire industry, who have written a very successful industry history in and with their companies.

With these appointments, SPORTSHOP.CLOUD aims to further distinguish itself -as an all-in-one platform- for mid-sized sports retailers and their associated industry partners.
SPORTSHOP.CLOUD has set itself the goal of creating a lively and central content and data platform in which all retailers, without much effort, can obtain the product information, attributes, features and images they need and thus achieve their goals in online retailing step by step. SPORTSHOP.CLOUD connects brands with retailers and gives retailers a necessary tool for new ways in sales, marketing and information. SPORTSHOP.CLOUD, with its founder Andreas Schmid, has years of experience in the field of eCommerce. For several years, a well-rehearsed team has been creating high-quality and, if desired, unique content for large and small sports retailers. There are already contacts to over 600 different manufacturers.

In the future, the newly appointed advisory board members want to contribute to the expansion of this strength of the company with all their experience and industry knowledge. 

Andreas Schmid
"The first beginnings of SPORTSHOP.CLOUD were primarily in the area of data conversion from manufacturer data into usable templates for retailers. We achieved our first successes here very quickly in a classic start-up backyard environment and have developed into a real "problem solver" in the area of product data management in the short term. Nevertheless, we are still at the beginning of this path and therefore I am pleased and also make me very proud that we could now win two real industry giants with 100% sports DNA as advisory board members. Andreas Rudolf and Siegfried Paßreiter lift us to a much higher level and bring a competence, expertise and experience to the company that will help us significantly in the further challenges and tasks."

Andreas Rudolf

"The pandemic has once again clearly shown us how important the topic of digital, the topic of online and, associated with this, a contemporary brand presence is. Both for the industry and for retail. Unfortunately, however, it is the case that medium-sized trade and industry in particular often lack the simplest tools to ensure an efficient and adequate presence. Because only - I always speak of the "triumvirate of success" - if clean article master data, good product images and informative product texts are available in a timely and continuous manner, can the sports retailer offer its product range online at all. Ensuring this is a challenge that only very few have succeeded in doing so far.


What convinces me about SPORTSHOP.CLOUD is that they have specialized exclusively in the topic of product data, that they act with a lot of competence and passion, are efficient and uncomplicated and are thus certainly one of the best service providers on the market for medium-sized specialist retailers and industry. It is therefore a matter of concern for me to support the company in word and deed, to help it and thus also to help the trade and industry. Let us tackle it together.

Siegfried pass rider

"When Andreas Schmid asked me if I could imagine joining the advisory board of his up-and-coming company, I spontaneously agreed after he explained the company's purpose and goals to me in great detail. In my work as GF at Fischer and also as chairman of the winter sports specialist group in the BSI, I was repeatedly confronted with the topic of data management, i.e. product data, and in some cases considerable problems arose in the data communication between trade and industry. I am convinced that SPORTSHOP.CLOUD is or will become the industry solution for the sports retail and industry and I am looking forward to the exciting tasks."

Marc Aichele

SPORTSHOP.CLOUD founder Andreas Schmid is pleased about another high-caliber new addition in addition to these two personnel. Marc Aichele, former sales manager for several sports brands and active in the sports industry for 23 years, will be responsible for operations, organization and sales management as Managing Director from 01.08.2022.


"I have had a constructive and sustainable business relationship with Andreas Schmid for many years. The idea of a content platform where supplier data is collected, converted and bundled and delivered to retailers according to their specifications and wishes fascinated me from the very first second as a problem solution for retailers and the industry. I'm excited to bring my expertise and reputation to the table here."

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